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International Day of Forests

  • 21 Mar 2022
  • Camellia Plc

International Day of Forests

Camellia Plc protect and manage an extensive natural ecosystem of forests, with over 11,000 Ha under conservation.  This accounts for nearly 12% of the total land owned by the Group.  To mark International Day of Forests we take a look at Eastern Produce Kenya and their 2300 Ha of indigenous forest.

EPK’s forests take up about a quarter of their landholding. They tend and nurture the forests in order to protect against erosion and to provide a safe habitat for wildlife. In recent years EPK have embarked on an enrichment programme whereby the existing forest is underplanted with indigenous seedlings. In the last 3 years 180 Ha have been upgraded and in 2021 they planted 43,000 seedlings!

Planting is only part of the story… To grow healthy strong trees these seedlings need to be cared for. EPK have put in place a large maintenance programme to ensure these seedlings have the best possible chance of survival. As they do not use herbicides in the indigenous forest areas, this is all done by hand. Where required, these seedlings are protected by fencing to exclude grazing cattle.

This is part of a 6 year plan to enrich 300 Ha by 2025!

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